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Greenhouse gases destroyer, energy companion, photovoltaic self-consumption kit, simulator and sizer solar installation, EV charger, security and smart home accessories.

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Ameego is a very ambitious energy project. The energy disrupter is on its way !

Ready to exchange electricity with the community ?

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Ameego is a carbon destroyer !

Before destroy, we have to measure the footprint. That’s why Ameego will be provided to the mass market shortly !

You’ve got low revenues, apply and get it for free ! Ameego is also fighting against energy precarity all around the world !

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Ameego will helps you to manage your home or building like you were energetic independant !

The centralized energy system has limits and extra costs to maintain the service and the distribution.

Wherever you live, you pay taxes and transports for electricity. Some power losses are generated during transport.

New models are arriving, Ameego is ready to be the confident third part who can manage energy exchange and virtual/physical power plant.

You produce local, you consume local, short circuit is the new way of life.

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